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‘Where is the mute button? My inner critic is too loud’

17. May 2017
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I have ‘it’.

We all have ‘it’ at some point. It comes and goes like the tide. I would tell myself; ‘it’s just a phase’ or ‘I will overcome this.’ Almost four months later and this phase still lingers. It’s this initial euphoria that comes up when you are about to write. It’s the disappointment you feel when the white paper in front of you remains blank. It’s the inability to say what you would like to say. Yes, I have it.  A writer’s block… But I am sure it’s origin lies deeper.

Dear Jen,

Every person has a creative side. Some express themselves through art or lose themselves within the universe of sound. Others are inventive or let it out through punchy speech, mind-blowing photos, thrilling movies, and of course, some of us write. No matter in which form you are being creative, we struggle with this one antagonist. Better known as our inner critic.

Critic certainly has its positive effects. Provided it’s justifiable and fairly addressed. In that case it may even be a chance for change and personal growth. To question our decisions and actions is a good way to either realign our sails or encourage us to keep course.

Regardless in which phase of life we are in – if wanted or not – our inner critic is always present. It’s a part of us. A familiar voice speaking to us, some days a bit louder than most days. Ohh, and it’s moody too.

But mostly we are unaware of the fact that our inner critic has this unforeseen power of putting us down. It is able to attack our personality and to lower our self-esteem by telling us what is bad, wrong or worthless. Thus, we start being afflicted by doubts. We throw ideas away before we even put them into practice. We compare our actions with others. All of the sudden, our personality and all our values are debased, aren’t they?

Although we tend to question ourselves over and over again, we never scrutinize the opinion of our inner critic. To dispute against it does not seem to be an option to us. We rather give this inner voice all the power to judge ourselves.

During these past few months, while you were desperately looking for some inspiration, you only found frustration. Articles, which you have read, always seemed better. The diction more ingenious. The art of writing less constraining.

You started to have doubts about your writing, your decisions and eventually yourself as a person.

You get to this point when a spokesman is silent. When a musician stares at his guitar. When a writer’s notepad remains blank.

In other words you reach this point when your inner critic places so much pressure on you that it affects your daily actions. You are not only giving up what you love but also yourself.

Do you remember?
Our inner critic is always present – Whether we wish it or not. Regardless in which phase of life we are in.

It simply depends on how much attention you feed it. On how much you listen to it.
It truly makes a difference if we listen to our inner critic’s message instead of hearing and ignoring the ‘bad voices’.
When you begin to listen actively, you will begin to question its meaning.

Write because you no longer care about your inner critic’s opinion.
Write because writing fulfils you. Write in order to pursue your creative side.

‘Being creative’ is a source of inspiration as ‘being creative’ doesn’t care about right or wrong.

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